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Wrestle Strong Mistress Carrington

Remember getting your ass kicked years ago? She thought you were a disgusting dweeb and picked on you daily after school. You were helpless to her cruelty. She was much bigger than you and would taunt you for being short and ugly. She made sure none of the other girls in the class liked you, simply because she didn’t. However, one day you finally got brave.

I’m a fucking GODDESS. Never forget it!

Wrestle Strong Mistress Carrington

You grow a pair of balls and decide to tackle me.

I laugh as I fall to the ground. You become even angrier, but then feel a sudden blow between your legs. *Ouch*. I swung towards your crotch karate style and watched you roll around the ground trying to get back up again. Will you win this match with Mistress Carrington? Of course not. Everyone is standing around watching you loser. It’s embarrassing, but you can’t stop the growing erection in your pants, can you?

Slave for Karate Mistress

It’s not rocket science; you eventually became my bitch boy. Carrying my books, giving me your lunch money and getting your ass kicked on a whim! I loved sending you home to explain why you were sore. *giggle* Just imagine the force I am to be reckoned with now. You are my personal slave and karate mistress’ play pet.

You love feeling powerless and helpless against my karate moves. Not to mention, if you are a pain slave, the thrill of being drop kicked and body slammed makes your cock so hard.

Weak and eager to serve Mistress Carrington in the ring?

You Like a Female Wrestling and Karate Mistress

I want you to think back to a time of innocence.

When you would pull girls pigtails and chase them around the school yard.  There was one girl in particular you NEVER forgot, though.  She kicked your ass for slapping her butt during recess.  See, this is the reason you love female wrestling so . . . → Read More: You Like a Female Wrestling and Karate Mistress

Getting Your Ass Kicked on Karate Mistress Date

Getting Your Ass Kicked on a Karate Mistress Date

I remember last summer I met this guy named Brad.  He was handsome, but his intentions were cross.  Like most men, he felt his testosterone made him more important than what he was.  Still, I liked him though.  I never wanted to marry him, but he . . . → Read More: Getting Your Ass Kicked on Karate Mistress Date

Powerful Karate Mistress

I’m a sweet girl to everyone I know.  The only bad thing said among my vanilla friends is that I have a potty mouth and huge spending  habit. I LOVE SHOPPING!  Then again what girl doesn’t?  All in all, I am the kinky girl next door with a twist— a powerful karate mistress.  That . . . → Read More: Powerful Karate Mistress

Men Who Like Their Balls Judo Kicked

Growing up you, probably liked it when girls wanted to romp with you on the playground!  You intentionally pulled her pigtails just so she would chase you around, and sometimes you let her tackle you on purpose.  If you were lucky, she may have kicked, slapped, or punched you.  Isn’t it ironic that such . . . → Read More: Men Who Like Their Balls Judo Kicked

Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

*bow before me*

*assume your stance*

Think you can win a match against this feisty karate mistress boy toy?

You will try to block my high leg kicks only to land face first.

Are you ready to test your agility?  I find it interesting how you marvel at how serious I am when ready . . . → Read More: Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

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