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Powerful Karate Mistress

I’m a sweet girl to everyone I know.  The only bad thing said among my vanilla friends is that I have a potty mouth and huge spending  habit. I LOVE SHOPPING!  Then again what girl doesn’t?  All in all, I am the kinky girl next door with a twist— a powerful karate mistress.  That is what people don’t know about me right away.  I love taking men on with sexy moves that send them knee first to the floor. You may wonder what kind of guy wants his balls kicked by a karate mistress?

Submissive Male and Ball Kicking

Testicle torture and humiliation is a crowd favorite of men who like having their balls abused.  We aren’t talking putting clothes pins on your balls, or tying it with rope, but having mistress give you judo kicks and roundhouse blows to your nuts.  I bet that sent a bolt of electricity to  your cock.  The submissive male and ball kicking is what happens when a guy is the boss of everyone else all day.  You may be the CEO at your company and delegate to huge executive decisions, but long to have someone else be the boss for a change.  What better way to surrender your control  than to have a few rounds with a powerful karate mistress?

Dominant Mistress with Muscles

As a karate mistress, staying in shape is very important.  I work out five days a week and when my energy is through the roof sometimes seven.  I know that in order to be a dominant mistress with muscles, that brings about a tribe of submissive weak men who crave to feel the power in my legs in the ring.  My lean calves and firm thighs are why my blows to your stomach are so intense and send you reeling to the floor.  Submissive men love tackling a karate mistress only to get their helmets banged around by swift judo kicks.  My mistress muscles are to be worshipped by you weak boys who want to try to handle a strong goddess as myself.  You can’t get enough of admiring my sexy dominant muscles and how amazing it feels to have my power render you helpless in the ring.

Strong Karate Mistress and Muscle Man Humiliation

Are you a guy who is actually a gym rat, weight lifter, or MMA boxer but love the idea of mistress taking you down?  You kick everyone else’s ass but it’s time you get a taste of female domination in pure form.  What would all your fight buddies think of seeing you getting your hard body kicked in by a strong karate mistress?  All the MMA boxers you train would likely laugh at you and see the real weak pussy you are.  Your muscles are still no match for my swift kicks and blows tough guy.  Schedule a session and let’s see what you are made of!  I will invite all those cocky gym buddies and boxing colleagues you  have so they can watch you get your ass kicked by a fierce judo femdom.


Men who Like Their Balls Judo Kicked

Growing up you, probably liked it when girls wanted to romp with you on the playground!  You intentionally pulled her pigtails just so she would chase you around, and sometimes you let her tackle you on purpose.  If you were lucky, she may have kicked, slapped, or punched you.  Isn’t it ironic that such . . . → Read More: Men who Like Their Balls Judo Kicked

Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

*bow before me*

*assume your stance*

Think you can win a match against this feisty karate mistress boy toy?

You will try to block my high leg kicks only to land face first.

Are you ready to test your agility?  I find it interesting how you marvel at how serious I am when ready . . . → Read More: Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

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