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Getting Your Ass Kicked on Karate Mistress Date

Getting Your Ass Kicked on a Karate Mistress Date

I remember last summer I met this guy named Brad.  He was handsome, but his intentions were cross.  Like most men, he felt his testosterone made him more important than what he was.  Still, I liked him though.  I never wanted to marry him, but he was perfect for my intentions.  Most guys get the wrong impression of me anyway.  My sweet, cute as a button voice and angelic charm places them at ease of controlling the situation.  But, things change when you are getting your ass kicked by yours truly.

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Karate Mistress

Sizing Him Up for Battle

I love having the ability to judo kick a guy into submission.  Over dinner he talked non stop about how much of a gym rat he was and all his buddies could never defeat him.  He had no idea I was a karate mistress and I offered him a chance to get in the ring with me.  As I sipped my wine, I saw his expression of surprise.  I took notice of his muscles, and that he would be my biggest feat yet!  He was definitely not my usual, scrawny opponent.  Being sure I could take him on was important.  LOL, ok I will stop kidding you.  I knew I could kick his ass, and as I was sizing him up for battle, I became so sexually turned on at the visual of him falling to the floor in agony because he could not handle being kicked in his ribs with my cute feet!


Strong Muscular Mistress

You are so weak for a strong muscular mistress aren’t you?  Having her show you who is really boss makes your cock tingle.  For those of you who love anal sex, humiliation, or any other fetish,  trust me when I tell you that my swift kicks to your cock, will feel ten times better!  My sexy judo moves will have you weak in the knees, begging to be my bitch and to become my personal punching bag.  You won’t be able to resist being powerless to a strong seductress who can kick your ass! 🙂

Want to know how the date ended?  You will be surprised at the ending.

Powerful Karate Mistress

I’m a sweet girl to everyone I know.  The only bad thing said among my vanilla friends is that I have a potty mouth and huge spending  habit. I LOVE SHOPPING!  Then again what girl doesn’t?  All in all, I am the kinky girl next door with a twist— a powerful karate mistress.  That . . . → Read More: Powerful Karate Mistress

Men Who Like Their Balls Judo Kicked

Growing up you, probably liked it when girls wanted to romp with you on the playground!  You intentionally pulled her pigtails just so she would chase you around, and sometimes you let her tackle you on purpose.  If you were lucky, she may have kicked, slapped, or punched you.  Isn’t it ironic that such . . . → Read More: Men Who Like Their Balls Judo Kicked

Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

*bow before me*

*assume your stance*

Think you can win a match against this feisty karate mistress boy toy?

You will try to block my high leg kicks only to land face first.

Are you ready to test your agility?  I find it interesting how you marvel at how serious I am when ready . . . → Read More: Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

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