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Men who Like Their Balls Judo Kicked

Growing up you, probably liked it when girls wanted to romp with you on the playground!  You intentionally pulled her pigtails just so she would chase you around, and sometimes you let her tackle you on purpose.  If you were lucky, she may have kicked, slapped, or punched you.  Isn’t it ironic that such a seemingly harmless act would turn into a fetish addiction later on in life?  You totally love it when you see a strong woman beat up a guy.   Women with excessive muscles and the ability to give you a run for your money make your cock hard.  Men who like their balls judo kicked, by a hot female with great karate skills is up your alley.

Karate Mistress Judo Kicks

I remember my first karate mistress judo kick. I dated a guy who absolutely loved coed wrestling.  We often would play fight, or even pillow fight which lead to hot sex sessions.  It wasn’t until later he confessed he liked karate mistress action.  I couldn’t understand the dynamic at first. Like, what in the heck is so exciting about a mistress judo kicking you in the balls?  He would try to block my high leg kicks but often would not on purpose.  My strong legs would also knee him in the crotch causing his legs to buckle with him tumbling on the floor.  Sexy.

Karate Mistress Fantasy

What is your ideal karate mistress fantasy? Are you bound and gagged while trying to block her moves?  Do you want to battle with me  bitch boy?  Think  you can handle me kicking your balls you while you ogle my lovely tits?  Men who crave a karate mistress should call me right now!  You will beg for me to take over the ring.



Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

*bow before me*

*assume your stance*

Think you can win a match against this feisty karate mistress boy toy?

You will try to block my high leg kicks only to land face first.

Are you ready to test your agility?  I find it interesting how you marvel at how serious I am when ready . . . → Read More: Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

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