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You Like a Female Wrestling and Karate Mistress

I want you to think back to a time of innocence.

When you would pull girls pigtails and chase them around the school yard.  There was one girl in particular you NEVER forgot, though.  She kicked your ass for slapping her butt during recess.  See, this is the reason you love female wrestling so much now.  The idea of a woman exerting her physical power over you makes you weak, but you like it!  It’s definitely a different way of milking your balls if you get my drift.

Why You Like Female Wrestling

Female wrestling is in relation to karate mistress antics, because they both pose as a source of complete power and control over you.  You loved it when you were bullied in grade school by the tall mean girl or the one who was double in compared to you in size and sent you aching after a tussle.  You want to be weak and submissive to strong women who will kick your ass and boss you around the ring.  Nothing about you says strength and power other than your eagerness to jerk your cock at the thought of a woman showing you whose boss!

Karate Mistress Makes You Surrender

Just as a wrestling mistress will twist you in a pretzel and have your balls wedged against your small penis, and you are aching to release your horny sauce everywhere while she totally emasculates your willpower, a karate mistress will make you eager and weak! You love the feel of hard kicks to your ribcage and stomach, forcing your knees to buckle and you tumble to the floor like a weak bitch!  If you’re lucky, you can get a female wrestling and karate mistress session all in one.  How does that sound?  You’ll be too exhausted to fight back, because you are devoted to being an obedient punching bag.

What is your ultimate fantasy?

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Feisty Karate Mistress Gives High Leg Kicks

*bow before me*

*assume your stance*

Think you can win a match against this feisty karate mistress boy toy?

You will try to block my high leg kicks only to land face first.

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